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Black Masterbatches / Black Concentrates

Discover our line of black masterbatches

We have a complete portfolio of black masterbatches, capable of serving customers who require high concentration and performance, with the premium line, to those who need lower cost, with the economy line. For those looking for a compromise between high performance and low cost, we still have the standard line.

Our black masterbatches have excellent covering and dispersing power and can be applied to different types of resins: PP, PE, PET, EVA, POM, ABS, PS, TPO, PBT, PA, PC and SAN.


Benefits of black concentrates to the final product:

  • Excellent tinting strength
  • Contributes to an adequate stretch
  • Excellent mechanical properties with good balance stiffness/impact and tear resistance
  • Compliance with national and international legislation especially for food packaging

When combined with state-of-the-art additives, it offers extra benefits such as:

  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation
  • Resistance to flame propagation
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal stability
  • Bacterial and antiviral effect
  • Heat dissipation
  • High values of OIT
    Oxidative Induction Temperature
  • Electric conductivity

With the objective of offering the best in coloring for plastics, Cromex produces and develops solutions in black masterbatches for several segments:

  • Agricultural: mulching (soil coverings), agricultural tarpaulins and irrigation pipes
  • Packaging: blown, injected, flat and tubular films, mono and multilayers, thermoformed sheets, including for direct contact with food, especially dairy foods;
  • Shoes: EVA soles and blankets;
  • Automotive: technical parts produced in engineering polymers (polyamides, polyesters, POM, among others);
  • Electronics: blenders, mixers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, lap-tops, televisions, among others;
  • Fibers: monofilaments and multifilaments;
  • Civil construction: geomembranes, conduits, wires and cables, sockets, hoses, connections, and corrugated tubes.

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