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Code of Conduct

In addition to complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations, we are committed to acting ethically, with respect and transparency. In order to guide all who are part of or who provide services to us, whether employees, shareholders, consultants, business partners, suppliers, service providers, as well as any individual or legal entity that may represent the organization, we have established in a document a series of good practice guidelines to guide them to good conduct:

The 5 pillars of our Code of Conduct:

Look for a good relationship

We must all act ethically, respectfully and transparently with everyone around us. We will not tolerate any form of humiliation, harassment, misuse of Cromex resources, fraud, use of drugs and alcohol, possession of weapons or other actions that jeopardize the smooth running of our activities, the mental and physical health of people and the reputation of a person or of the company as a whole.

Avoid conflict of interest

We always seek operational excellence, therefore, we do not tolerate actions intended for our own benefit or that, in any way, influence someone to act against the company`s values and objectives, making an inadequate decision, negatively impacting the smooth running of activities.

Respect diversity

Respect is one of our core values, which is why we seek to promote an environment where people can express their opinions and be who they are.

Ensure the confidentiality and security of information

In addition to our defense mechanisms for our systems, networks and equipment for data protection, we must all ensure the security of information, avoiding risky practices and ensuring the confidentiality of confidential information and personal data.

Commitment to sustainability and citizenship

We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts, transparent relationships with stakeholders, zeal for ethics and human rights in business management, ensuring the health and safety of our employees, among other aspects that reinforce our vision of sustainability..

These and other guidelines are contained in our Code of Conduct, which you can read in full here.

Ethics Channel

We make this communication channel available to our employees and business partners to report facts and conduct that are not in accordance with the principles consolidated in our Code of Conduct, corporate policies, laws and regulations applicable in the year. of its activities and in the company`s environments. To access it, click here.

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