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Health and safety

Learn about our actions for health and safety

We have a duty to promote a healthy and risk-free environment for our employees, service providers and visitors. For this, we have the fundamental support of the Occupational Safety area, the Internal Accident Prevention Commission and the Emergency Brigade for the development of educational actions, dissemination of safe acts, carrying out safety inspections and risk assessments, which they aim to minimize the chances of accidents, preserve mental and physical health and act quickly in case of accidents or incidents.


Some of our actions for employee safety:

  • Training and communication campaigns related to health, safety and ergonomics.
  • Accident reduction indicators and targets.
  • Use of PPE and other equipment that contribute to ergonomics.
  • Correct signaling and safety communications in factories and offices.
  • Annual campaign to vaccinate all employees against the flu.
  • Exemption of heavy metals in production processes.
  • Participation in the Mutual Assistance Plan (PAM) of PROCIA, in Simões Filho, BA.

All our efforts to ensure safe and healthy work for all, acting in compliance with legal requirements and safety procedures, in risk management and in raising awareness and encouraging the adoption of practices aimed at the physical and mental well-being of our employees, guarantees us that it is an ISO 45001 certified company, an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system.

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