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Provide innovative and competitive solutions to plastic transformers, seeking alternatives that reduce environmental impacts, in favor of the quality of life of people and future generations.

Strategic vision

Expand leadership in Brazil with a growing global presence, in a profitable way and recognized as the best option for the customer.



Valuing and rewarding performance, dedication and capacity.

We recognize and value those who value the quality of their deliveries, seek continuous improvement in their activities, share ideals, participate in internal actions and are aligned with the company`s values and objectives.


Make quick and assertive decisions.

We must make quick and assertive decisions, seeking to reduce bureaucracy of processes and discontinuing unnecessary activities that are not linked to the company`s goals, whether in the performance of our function, customer service, relationships with co-workers, or any other variable that negatively impacts the agility and quality of delivery,


Carry out actions aimed at socio-environmental return.

Our commitment is to practice a sustainable business management model, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts, promoting actions that encourage the social development of the community, ensuring the safety and health of our employees and partners, and ensuring ethics and human rights.


Disseminate objectives, goals and results.

We value the clarity of our processes, aligning and involving all employees and stakeholders in the company`s objectives and goals and in the veracity of results.

Excellence in operation

Operate simply and efficiently, optimizing resources

We are committed to the quality of our activities and products, always seeking continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders, avoiding waste of resources and simplifying processes.


Respect diversity.

We are committed to conducting our business in a respectful manner with our customers, employees and other partners. We strive to provide fair conditions, promoting a space where people can share ideas, express their opinions and be who they are.

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